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Who We Are   Who We Work With

Michelle is a master at negotiating, has impeccable follow through, is well connected to resources and has a creative can-win outlook.


I would not be where I am sitting today, with the type of equity, passive income and pride I feel for the home I get to call mine.


Being very type A, I struggle with patience and not being in control.


When we decided to list with Michelle & TheHouseOfEmme we had a friend that offered a lower commission to take the listing.

Baskel Family

They know their stuff, are intelligent and listen closely to what you say and what you don’t say.


Don’t waste time looking for anybody else to work for you.


Being a single mom and making big financial decisions on my own felt overwhelming at the start.


We worried if we would have the time, effort and money to make the leap to a new home.

Ward Family



Market Literacy

At the core of any wise decision making is an educated individual. A complete picture of the dynamics in the current, historical, local and big picture Real Estate market must be laid out to you in an uncomplicated way in order for you to take charge of your unique homeownership journey.


Tools of the Trade

You deserve to be outfitted & trained to use the widgets and lingo that a Real Estate professional uses, without overwhelm. Being ill-equipped is the Achilles heel of your efforts to move forward in your personal life, with your finances, and on the home front. Get ready to dump Zillow.


Vision Fulfillment

We all strive to bring to life the full spectrum of dreams held in our hearts. Your home is where memories are made- and should be a source of pride, comfort and most importantly a beautiful place to anchor yourself while in pursuit of this fulfillment.

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