About The HouseofEmme

We are Michelle Cottingham, Jocelyn Jones, Tiffany Peterson & Shannan Dowdell.

We are TheHouseOfEmme

And you? You want to be certain that your home base & nest egg are at their fullest potential. You wonder about Real Estate.
What’s up with the market?
How long would it take to pull a move off?
What would everyone think if I actually did it?
Is there a way to make sure I don’t get in over my head?
Do the numbers work?
Is this more of a need or a want?
What would it be like to live there?
A big part of your current conundrum is that the thought of interviewing or hiring an agent on purpose is sort of, well, awkward. Maybe you have an agent family member or friend who is eager to get you going OR you fear pushy salesmanship or have guilt about wasting someone’s time with your scheming and brainstorming.
Do people even do this kind of thing? Mindfully seek out and hire someone to bounce ideas off to be completely ready for when it’s “go time?”


Yes, people do that. The happiest people do that. They interview, they thoughtfully engage and they hire the heck out of faithful supporters of their goals.

And yes, YOU do that (from now on).

You see, the whole secret of buying and selling personal Real Estate is that there is no secret. There’s no magic trick or elixir, no website, no phone app, no “perfect time in the market,” or any one thing that is going to grant your wish to be rich without risk and happy as heck about home, sweet home.

The process to Real Estate success is a dynamic and unique formula for every single person. And it is something that you, yourself, should sit in the director’s chair for. The key here is to know that Real Estate is not so much about the money/status/location but more about YOU. Somewhere deep inside of your mind and heart, visions of home await to be brought to life in the reality of the waking world.

Now, before we go dream journaling and scribbling down lists of must-have’s you are going to need to get crystal clear with your vision. Without truly, deeply knowing what you want and what is at the root of your motivations and desires any preparation or strategizing will fall flat.

All our work begins when we get our minds together to cultivate and connect with your vision, peel away the layers of must-have’s, remove fears about being blinded by your wanting, eliminate the scary what-ifs with truth and fact and unveil the vision lurking beneath all of the technical jargon and uncertainty of the process you’ve been through so far.
It’ll be your time to shine, soon. We know this because once we’ve shown you the way and have helped you map the course wewill be stepping out of your way to let you do what you do best. You.
You won’t catch any push or pressure from us(well, unless you’re in danger).
At our core we are educators, facilitators, leaders, strategists and creators.

We will teach you everything we know without censor, empower you with every tool of the trade that is real and true and helpful.

We don’t believe that our expertise exists in information alone, but rather in a deep commitment to our craft and in every day servitude to the Real Estate ambitions of our clients.
You’re smart. Hardworking. Clever, even.
Your B.S. radar is strong.
Ours is, too!
We know this and we’re excited about you. Letting you in to our world to get comfortable and ready is the way to win.


With our resources, professional consultation services, salesmanship, market awareness and marketing know-how we know you will find you’re in the right place.
You are.