We are TheHouseOfEmme

And you? Well, you are interested in buying or selling a house.  But maybe you’ve got some questions.

“What’s going on with the market?”

“Do the numbers work?”

“How long does this take?”

“Am I getting in over my head?”

And most importantly… “Who do I want by my side while I make one of the biggest purchases of my life?”

The last thing you want is a pushy salesman, only looking for his next commission. In a dream world, you want someone who will listen to you, answer all the questions you feel dumb for asking, someone who you connect with, so you can freely dream and brainstorm and scheme.

You, on the verge of actualizing one of your biggest dreams, deserve that.

Here is the whole secret of buying and selling personal Real Estate: there is no secret. There’s no magic trick or elixir, no website, no phone app, no “perfect time in the market,” or any one thing that is going to grant your wish to be rich without risk and happy as heck about home, sweet home.

The process to Real Estate success is a dynamic and unique formula for every single person. And it is something that you, yourself, should sit in the director’s chair for.

The key here is to know that Real Estate is not so much about the money/status/location but more about YOU.

You intuitively know that a house may be four walls and a roof – but a HOME… a HOME is your sanctuary, the place to be your truest and most authentic self. It has a vibe, a feel, an embodiment of YOU, and only YOU will know when you’ve found it. Somewhere deep inside of your mind and heart, visions of home await to be brought to life in the reality of the waking world.

Enter TheHouseOfEmme.

All our work begins when we get our minds together to cultivate and connect with your vision, peel away the layers of “must-haves”, remove fears about being blinded by your wanting, eliminate the scary what-ifs with truth and fact and unveil the vision lurking beneath all of the technical jargon and uncertainty of the process you’ve been through so far.

You won’t catch any push or pressure from us (well, unless you’re in danger). At our core we are educators, facilitators, leaders, strategists and creators.

And our YOU-centered philosophy gets results. Decorated with awards for excelling sales and service locally and nationally, we are a top 10 producer at North&Co, producing nearly five times the national average for Realtors. Unafraid of the unpredictable nature of market cycles, personal decision making processes of clientele, the demands of balancing a structured calendar with the need to pivot focus on a moment’s notice and excited for the work, our proven production metrics demonstrate that we know how to sell Real Estate and produce results.