A native to Arizona, Shannan has an enduring passion for all things Real Estate. It wasn’t long after she was hired as a receptionist at a large Brokerage in the mid 90’s, that she became their office manager. Her intelligence for systems and process organization, eye for accuracy and ability to implement structure and perfectly timed communication to tumultuous transactions caught the attention of a well-reputed sales team who brought her on board to coordinate their large volume of Real Estate Closings.

Growing stronger at oversight, compliance, and adaptation through the intense demands of a performance-based administrative role within a sales team Shannan was presented with an opportunity to move away from Real Estate transactions and into Appraisals at Phoenix Valuations. During her time at Phoenix, Valuations Shannan was responsible for scheduling, accounts payable, accounts receivable and office administration while she grew a broader and deeper knowledge base about the entire industry.

Today Shannan is credited with founding and leading a specialized team of transaction managers that serve high producing sales agents and teams at North&Co. including Michelle Cottingham & TheHouseOfEmme.

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