Our success has been driven by the passion for building long-lasting relationships. Here are some of our recent success stories:

I have a Real Estate license myself and at one point was convinced there was a Realtor® under every rock! Being confident in my own skills and before working with Michelle my highest hope was for an at-best average experience in hiring someone if I didn’t represent myself. But Michelle is a master at negotiating, has impeccable follow through, is well connected to resources and has a creative can-win outlook. At every opportunity possible I refer to Michelle, even with my real estate license! Simply put, there are very few people that can do what she does the way she does it. While you watch her work you can see her clear desire to deliver a stress less, turn key experience to her clients. Working with Michelle is the easiest decision to make.

-Randy C.

I had been living in beautiful my Phoenix home for over 15 years. It worked perfectly for me, was updated and in a great location. While in the middle of considering moving options after my relationship with my significant other(now fiancee’) had become more committed, we discovered a property that had an incredible history, but was in really bad shape. My friends and family would describe me as conservative, slow and steady, but a vision formed of restoring and renovating this property to make it a live-in triplex as a long term investment and income property. I would need to sell my existing home and pull off a big feat of math and faith. Had I not trusted Michelle to negotiate, oversee and close this very complex series of deals I would not be where I am sitting today, with the type of equity, passive income and pride I feel for the home I get to call mine.

-Terese M.

Being very type A, I struggle with patience and not being in control. My husband and I are decisive people and once we make a call, we are ready for the next step before it’s time. TheHouseOfEmme & Michelle helped us with keeping perspective and trusting the process and looking back we can see just how swiftly everything went and all according to plan!

-Lindsay B.

When we decided to list with Michelle & TheHouseOfEmme we had a friend that offered a lower commission to take the listing, but we decided against that temptation are so happy we did. Michelle is genuine, does her homework, she balances a lot of things at once and does it all with a game face. She tells it like it is, even if it’s not what you want to hear and that’s so important. At the time we were freaking out about timing and meeting our goal to move out of state. We are now exactly where we should be and life is good!

-The Baskel Family

They know their stuff, are intelligent and listen closely to what you say and what you don’t say. When I asked for guidance during certain times the advice I was given was thoughtful, positive and firm. Michelle & TheHouseOfEmme came highly recommended.

-Heike T.

Don’t waste time looking for anybody else to work for you. I trusted Michelle with the purchase of a home sight unseen from out of state years ago & she is the best. When it came time to sell recently she did perfectly again, just like I knew she would! She makes decision making convenient and takes care of everything.

-Janie S.

Being a single mom and making big financial decisions on my own felt overwhelming at the start. Michelle is super down to earth, knows her stuff and will get the job done. When things got tense at one point I got to see Michelle protect my position & it felt great to be in good hands that way. She takes the time to make sure you understand everything and it was smooth and easy with her. I had fun and now feel so financially and mentally comfortable.

-Jonita O.

We are the youngest people I know that own a home. When this all started we were in the middle of a legal challenge and wondered if we would have the time, effort and money to get it done. We reached out to a number of people that never got back to us, but when our Lender recommended Michelle & TheHouseOfEmme we knew she was a perfect fit from the get-go. Michelle has an easygoing-but-go-getter way about her communication, she puts you first and our worries, insecurities and lack of knowledge vanished with her working for us. She does her homework, isn’t afraid of anything and listens to you so that when things go haywire or your decide to do things you may not have planned for she knows how to support you. You can feel her devotion and the strength of her team behind you and at times it seemed like she was a magician. When issues hit the fan with the contract or timing of things, she smoothed it out. If there was a moment she had a worry, you wouldn’t know because her confidence and ability to handle anything really shines through. We got exactly what we wanted, needed and hoped for.

-The Ward Family

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